Marco Polo sets sail


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Magnificent sailing ships have dominated our oceans for centuries and continue to fascinate many people to this day. Today's Marco Polo Ibiza was built in the Netherlands in 1953. With its two masts, the historic sailing ship weighs a proud 80 tonnes of steel. In the 1990s, the sailing ship was transferred to Ibiza, where it was used as a charter ship.

In 2006, the sailing ship was taken over by us and christened Marco Polo Ibiza. As Ibiza used to be a pirate island, it was an obvious choice to equip the historic sailing ship with 100 square metres of black sails and half a pirate's head on the main sail. A half pirate's head does not count as a pirate flag, because according to a law that still applies to some harbour towns in the southern Mediterranean, ships with pirate flags are not allowed to dock in all harbours.

Since 2006, we have been sailing full speed ahead along the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera every year and our guests experience an unforgettable pirate feeling and usually don't want to get off the boat.

Whether as a group or just the two of you - simply celebrate life, your holiday, your birthday, stag party, children's party, incentive, event or photo shoot with us on board! The "place to be" and "must do" on Ibiza.
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