Personal Training


Use your Ibiza holiday to relax and exercise!

EasyMotionSkin's EMS technology and the wide range of training options make it the smallest gym in the world. It is a highly efficient workout that activates all major muscle groups simultaneously and for which you only need to invest 30 minutes.

Ihre Vorteile durch EMS-Training:

  • Weight and fat reduction, optimisation of the metabolism
  • Improved posture by strengthening the muscle corset
  • Cosmetic effects through body tightening, anti-ageing effect
  • Muscle tension is relieved Increased well-being and motivation
  • Improved stress resistance and regeneration


Unsere Preise:

  • 25 min session incl. 10 min relaxation Programme Session price: from 120,- EUR
  • Rent for the suit 20,- EUR
  • Package price on request
  • Own suit (if desired): 499,- EUR
  • own system: 2500,- EUR
  • all prices + 21% VAT


Daline die Personaltrainerin hilft Ihnen und hat folgende Ausbildung:

  • BOA FITNESS ECONOMICS BERLIN state-recognised and certified:
  • EMS Training
  • Trainer for sports rehabilitation
  • Nutrition trainer
  • Health trainer / health expert for psychosocial health
  • Pilates trainer (& prevention)
  • Trainer for competitive sports Body trainer
  • Cardio fitness trainer
  • Relaxation trainer
  • Communication trainer


...and now it's time for sport!


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